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Friday, November 18, 2011

The Surgery and Results..

Really surgery was not the hardest thing we have ever been through together-Jill and I. Jillian was actually calmer than she has ever been in a new place. (Though the doctors and nurses were still very concerned with how upset she was, we assured them she was fairing much better than she had some other times.) Just look at how cute she is in that hospital gown.
Up until she left us, she had only cried about 30 minutes of the 90 we had been in pre-op..Amazing for our girl who has been through so much and is so scared of everything new. The best part is that she actually used her supports to help calm herself. Generally when she is in a new situation and is very anxious, she just shuts down and tunes out. She doesn't let us help her, doesn't hold her favorite soothing items, or ever stop crying/kicking BUT today she held her favorite shake shake toy the entire time, let daddy rock her with a tight grip on her upper body (to calm her), concentrated on my singing (also calms her..poor girl), and calmed down off and on as we waited. She even smiled when the ENT doc came in pre-surgery.
Now, when the poor baby had to leave her momma and daddy with the nurse..she got hysterical and they had to give her a dose of drugs and an IV to calm her. Usually an IV isn't required for this procedure..only a mask, but my girl is a fighter and I think she was so afraid..she fought pretty hard. The extra dose of medication helped her to sleep and stay calm after surgery though so it was a blessing. As long as daddy and I sat on the floor with her, she slept off and on and cried off and on after the procedure BUT it was relativly easy and normal for a two year old after surgery. I have to admit that seeing her rejecting being held by the nurse as she was waking up in recovery and then calming down when her momma got there warmed my heart because that baby knows I'm her momma!
She was throwing up pretty heavy throughout the day because of the sleeping meds, but she also took a great nap too. All and all the day wasn't so bad. Thank you for your prayers. She certainly felt God's peaceful hand upon her.
Her hearing results came back normal..a miracle for sure considering that she has had so many ear infections go untreated in her short life. The tubes are in and while it did cause her some pain last night when the meds wore off..all is back to normal today. We even kept our therapy appointment. I tell little babe is just a miracle and I thank God for the chance He has given me to be her momma. Praying these tubes do their job and we don't have to fight another ear infection for a long time.

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  1. Good to hear that she did well. Bless her little heart!