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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Look at Her Go..

One of the best things about being my baby's teacher and her momma is that nobody cheers her on as enthusiastically I as do. She has taken off this week. We just started "instruction" using this peg board in the video this week. In six days, she has mastered it. She can sort them out-all 15 of them- and put them on the correct peg every time without any help from me. It's incredible how fast she picked up on this skill. She is a little anxious in this video because I am using the camera. She usually claps for herself after every peg and makes everyone in the room praise her for her work. Next week, I will change up the sorting and see if she can generalize the skill to a new task.

See for yourself..

She has also mastered the two puzzles we have been working on. So, I wanted to see if she could generalize the skill of putting pieces in a puzzle that she has never seen before and get it right. If she could do it, it meant that she is likely matching the piece to the picture behind it in the opening. So, I used some of her birthday money to buy her this new blue puzzle. She has never seen it before I took this video. I gave it to her with all of the pieces out in front of the base and she did it! She instantly put the pieces over their matching pictures and into the correct spot. Just a short time ago, she had no clue what to do with a puzzle. She was more interested in looking at the back of the board or banging the pieces together..BUT now she is working them by herself.

Check her out..

She has endless potential my baby girl and momma is going to drag these skills out of her each day! I am so lucky to get to be home with her and teach her myself. I am not taking a minute of these accomplishments for granted.

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