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Saturday, February 23, 2013

Good Bye Dear, Old Friend

Nap time is this Momma's best friend some days.
Until recently, sleep has been one thing my little treasure was very good at.
In fact when she first came home, falling asleep was the only way she could deal with most things.
It was a defense mechanism to sleep off the trauma that was assaulting her little self everywhere she turned.
She doesn't have to do that anymore.
Now sleep is very hard to come by for her.
She has had trouble falling asleep and staying asleep most nights.
It has been a battle to get her to sleep.
(There is much crying, much sensory input requested, and hours of fighting.)
It has also been a battle to get her to stay asleep too.
It seems that after six hours, she is ready to get up and go.

So, we have said goodbye to my BFF the afternoon nap.
I am so sad to see it go as it was my sanity some days.
The good news, she has been falling asleep lightning fast each night by 9:00.
She is exhausted by then and has even slept eight straight hours two nights this week.

We also bought this weighted blanket for her.
 She is a little peanut (still only 30ish pounds), but needs so much pressure that her blanket weighs 5 pounds.
The benefits of a weighted blanket are numerous, but they are usually very expensive so I kept putting off buying her one.  When it first came, she laid and pulled it all the way up to her chin.  She just laid still as could be and let it push on her.  She really likes it and it has seemed to help her some.  I lay it over here as I rock her and it helps her lay still while trying to fall asleep.

Thanks so much to Jessica who runs this fabulous etsy shop and makes weighted blankets for only $55.00.  We couldn't be more pleased with ours.

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