Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Thursday, February 28, 2013 the Small Things

These Easter egg glasses were calling to me 
from the Target dollar bin the other night.
(Yes..indeedy our girl went to Target the other night!)
Boy does she LOVE them.
They bring her hours of JOY!
 She loves to wear them herself..
but there is nothing like sporting twin looks 
with a special man in your life.
We are so blessed to be the ones 
called to parent this little treasure.
How silly and crazy it has made us.
Because you see, we would do anything for her.
Just to see that smile..we would do it!


  1. Those glasses are a riot! They'd give me a headache, though I think! :-) Michaels often has really cute $1 sunglasses that are star-shaped that are very fun...they should be out soon, too...

    Used those as a prop for fun photo shoots we let our families do during family Sunday School one time and they were a huge hit (made frames and most of them did something like "Our family rocks" or something on them) and had the glasses, blow up guitars (also $1 at Michaels) and dollar boas and stuff like that. We went through SO many pairs of sunglasses because the kids wouldn't realize they were still wearing them and would walk off with them inadvertently. Between us replacing them and the number of families that I know had to go get some "star" glasses of their own, Michaels should have been giving us commission on them! Ha!

    So when you get tired of seeing through stripes, look in their dollar stuff for those :-) They were never in the aisle dollar bins at Michaels, always off to the side ones that were more seasonal on real aisles...not the like "impulse purchase" dollar area (that I think is now really $1.50 anyway!

  2. Too cute! Precious!!
    -Beka =)