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Friday, February 15, 2013

Feeding Therapy..One Year Re-Eval

This morning my treasure had her re-evaluation for feeding therapy.  I am in awe continually of this baby girl.  After only twenty months in our family, she is chewing, using a cup, eating with a spoon, taking so many textures, she has put on 17 pounds, and is so absolutely secure with such a personality.  Taking liquids and putting a cup in her mouth is still a real struggle for her because of her oral defensiveness.  Today in therapy..the therapist suggested introducing her to an open cup with a bit of thinned out applesauce in it.  My baby girl loves her some applesauce and so they thought the familiar flavor might be motivating enough for her to use that open cup.  Now, I have to tell you that this little girl DOES NOT like new things.  It can take months years to get her to put things in her mouth. took four months to get her to allow a spoon in her mouth so that I could get some purees in her, over a year to put a sippy cup to her lips (which she still doesn't drink well out of), and more than fifteen months to allow a toothbrush to those teeth.  It has been a struggle.  Today though if you had been sitting in the room with us, you would have never known that.  It was the first time that Jillian had ever seen this cup, but she saw me put the applesauce in and she was interested.  Our therapist K raised it to her lips, Jillian opened up (THIS IS AN INCREDIBLE ORAL MOTOR ACCOMPLISHMENT FOR HER TOO), and the room went crazy (there were three of us in there) with applause and excitement because of her accomplishment which simply put was using this new blue cup.  After each drink throughout the rest of the session, Jillian then proceeded to clap for herself while staring at the other three of us in the room waiting for the thunderous applause.  She does, after all, deserve all of this praise because she is one little trooper my girl.  She is the bravest, most courageous and amazing little creature that I have ever known and I am one blessed momma to get to witness her accomplishing so much!  How I love her!

We got to bring the blue cup home.  Here she is using it! 

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  1. so very awesome!!! Yeah Jillian!!!! Praise be to God above!