Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

No Words..

I have no words to express how grateful to God I am for relocating us fifteen minutes from a beautiful, crystal clear lake with a rocking beach.  Our five year old treasure, who has numerous challenges and overwhelming anxiety which causes most activities to be challenging to say the least, is completely content-even overflowing with joy-when water is present.  When we told her we were going to the beach this morning, I am not sure she remembered the beach concept as she wasn't super enthusiastic, but when we rounded that corner on the road to the beach and she spotted the water out of our van window she just clapped her hands and squealed.  She raced to the shore as soon as we let her out of the car with the biggest smile on her face.  To watch this dear, dear girl enjoying life so very much today at this place is to know true joy in your heart!  This treasure once so close to death is alive and thriving!  God is so good to allow us a small part of who she is becoming!

 I even got her to wear arm floaties.  Until last week, the sweet girl wouldn't go near them.  She would not even play in a pool when someone was wearing them.  I knew if I could get them on her she would love the independence and ability to float so last week I did it.  I got them on her and she LOVES them.
 She is so cute signing LOVE BEACH this afternoon.  My this treasure is so adorable!
She loves to "swim" with those floaties.  She is full of smiles while we play.  When we had to go she just kept signing SAD.  We will be spending many, many summer days here.  It is a 15 minute drive and it is FREE!  Seriously, could it be any better?

 Anna Mei was thrilled to be going and sang WE ARE GO TO BEACH..again and again while driving out there.
 Em played with her sisters and followed them into the water again and again!
We had one perfect day!  I said we should get a camper and a boat or maybe we should just keep driving the fifteen minutes to this little piece of paradise so close to home.  Praising God in deed for His goodness and provision for our family in placing us here as so many things about this city are just perfect for our family!

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