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Saturday, August 2, 2014

What Makes Me Happy

What makes me the happiest momma on earth is having my babies close to me when I am in the kitchen.  So, you can imagine my joy the other night when I had Anna Mei (who never leaves my side as I am cooking), Jillian, and Emily helping with dinner.  It was a very ordinary night with an ordinary menu, but having everybody together was heavenly for this momma.
I found this little chef apron and hat for a dollar at a garage sale.  It made Anna Mei very, very happy!
She is always in the kitchen with me and is getting very good at making just about everything!

She is such a very happy little girl.
 Because of her sensory challenges, Jillian doesn't always love helping me cook, but on this night she did!

 It is so special seeing her able to do so much!
 She touched all the ingredients and followed Momma's directions so well.  I continue to be in awe of all she is doing!
Her favorite job, by far, is doing the dishes though.  She doesn't wash much, but loves playing in the bubbles in the water.  Usually, you can find her on her stool at the sink with a big smile on her face which makes this momma smile too.

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  1. Happy Girls!!! You are such a good Mama Leslie! I love seeing the girls grow and learn! Can't believe Emily is so old! lol

    Miss seeing and chatting with you. Hugs and much love.