Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Sunday, April 5, 2015

Easter Reflection

I don't have time to sit and type.  I have Easter dresses to put on my girls, mouths to feed, and a whole lot of other business that is trying its hardest to steal the joy of this morning.  Today, my ransom was paid in full by a Risen Savior who willingly gave up His life for mine.  How I long to just sit in His word this morning and give thanks for this life I have because of the life He gave up for me.  There have been so many sweet moments this week as we have approached this day.  Palm waving madly as Anna and I studied Palm Sunday.  The explanation of resurrection cinnamon rolls made in school in sweet four year old language relating to the Easter story.  Sweet, sweet talk of sin and forgiveness, heaven and hell, love and bible reading..precious memories that I cherish in my heart as I raise these littles up to love and serve my Lord. Yesterday in the car, Anna Mei said I don't want to talk about Jesus only Easter.  Of course, she meant all that surrounds the commercial Easter that our culture has created because, despite our not celebrating with an Easter Bunny, you can't escape it. Every store, every commercial, every corner has eggs and bunnies.   As I took time to explain all that Easter really means and how special it is that Jesus died and rose again, I thought that while I might not say it aloud, my thoughts are very much the same sometimes.  I don't want to talk about Jesus right now only ....(fill in the blank) probably on my heart all too often.   Oh that I could live each day worthy of this gift that I have been given by a Savior who created me, died for me, and rose again so that I could have abundant life!  To whom much is given much more is expected (Luke 12:48) is constantly on my heart these last weeks as we have been given so very much!  Oh that I could live to truly give my life for others because so many are celebrating Easter morning apart from knowing this amazing, incredible Savior who I call Lord. My prayer is that all will come to know this one whom loves me so much He willingly gave up His life for mine!

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