Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Last Night

 Last night, I walked this precious, amazing child into her elementary school so that she could perform in her kindergarten "moosical" program.  She wore a gourmet goat costume like all the other kids in her class and, though she can't "speak" or "sing" any words, she stood up with her peers in front, performed most of the motions, and made this momma tear up.  Because you see, four years ago I could have never imagined that the beauty I was handed, who was so close to death, could experience life so fully.  I could have never imagined in those long first months home when we couldn't leave the house, when she couldn't communicate a lick, or even eat from a spoon that she would come so far.  Friends, this baby, my baby, is a miraculous child!  She faces many, many challenges each day, but she is becoming more and more able to hang in there.  She almost lost it once and was signing "sad" to this momma in the front row as she stared at the somewhat scary looking face make up on her peer behind her and it was all this momma could do not to go up and rescue her from this challenging situation, but she recovered.  She participated in the entire program!
 Her mind is so amazing!  She is communicating up a storm, reading more than 50 words, is identifying numbers for us all the way up to 100, and today she asked to get a drink from the water fountain when her class did!  Amazing given the millions of sensory challenges she faces, the fears she lives with, and the enormous amount of anxiety that clouds her brain.  We have even noticed on you tube that she has seemed to memorize the complex "avenues" that lead to her favorite videos.  She can find them again because she has memorized the videos and paths that lead to each one.  It is truly amazing!  She is so complex and so incredible!  We are beyond blessed to have her as our daughter.  This special, special girl has taught us so very much and, somehow, she manages to bring us all to tears as we watch her sitting in her adorable goat costume with her kindergarten class.  What an incredible and amazing little blessing this 6 year old is to us!  As we prepare to celebrate her fourth gotcha day at the end of this week, I am in awe of how far God has brought her and just how far He has brought us because of her.

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  1. Amazing Leslie!!! But with you as her mother...can't say I'm a bit surprised! ;)