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Friday, September 11, 2015

Messy Play

 Recently, I set up a messy play station in the back yard.  We made homemade cloud dough and altered the recipe to include baking soda.  Then, I set out squirty jars of vinegar, and let the girls squirt away.  Squirting is such a good fine motor activity to build Molly Kate's palm strength, and was one of the main reasons I chose to do this activity.  It was a little hard for her to squeeze, but the chemical reaction of the baking soda and vinegar sure motivated her to try!
 My Jilly LOVED this activity.  She loves anything messy.  She used nearly a gallon of vinegar.  No trouble squirting for her as she squirted away!
 Anna Mei was amazed by the science behind this experiment, but also loved the simple fun it provided!  She made her cloud dough orange which is her favorite color.
 The girls played outside all morning.  They were so happy.  I watched this precious, little one being chased by her daddy with a water house running and squealing.  As she was playing, I was overcome with JOY that this little peanut is mine.
 Just three months ago, we added her to our family, and it has been so easy!  She fits right in.  She has come to feel so safe and so secure so very quickly.
 She is such a tremendous JOY!
 Jill was pretty ruined by the time we were down playing, but life is too short to discourage messes.  I love watching her smile, and explore.
 As the chemical reactions subsided, because we ran out of baking soda and vinegar, the girls started exploring with water.
 They hatched up some pretty wonderful cooperative play activities, and I loved watching them work together.
It was an amazing time.  A cheap and super, fun way to spend the morning.  They played with this stuff for a good four hours.  We have noticed that the large amounts of vinegar killed the grass where we were playing. OOPS!  Oh Well, who needs a nice lawn anyway when you can have happy, messy kids?

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