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Friday, June 24, 2016

Clean Mud Sensory Dough

Recently, I came across an idea for "clean" mud play.  Because I am always looking for something fun to set up in the sensory tables for the girls, I bought the ingredients, added my own spin, and gave it a try.
I set it up with garden themed accessories.  I used some fake flower bushes from the dollar store, some paper grass (also dollar store), a watering can, shovels, and small pots to set up my play table.

 The dough was super soft and packed really well.  My teenager was outside helping me set up, and she wouldn't touch the stuff.  Molly wasn't interested either as the pool had water in it, but Anna Mei was all in.
 She loves her some imaginative play right now so it wasn't long before she set up a garden shop for me to purchase flowers in pots.
 She spent most of our evening at the sensory table though eventually she began "cooking" with the dough and playing restaurant because all things turn to cooking with my girl.
Truthfully, the dough reminded me so much of ice cream that I began planning a  little ice cream shop play center for them.  It packs in balls just like scoops of ice cream so add some different colors to the recipe, and viola..a whole new play adventure.  It  is in our future for sure.  Here is the recipe I used if you are interested in some good, clean mud..
2 rolls of shredded toilet paper
2 bars of grated soap
2 8oz cups of coffee
coffee grinds
Mix together all the ingredients and enjoy.

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