Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Imagination Grove

Recently, we traveled back to Illinois so our DH could perform a wedding ceremony for one of our dear youth who is now grown.  We always enjoy these trips because we get a little vacation.  The girls love seeing our old friends, dancing the night away at the wedding, swimming in a hotel, and our little side trip plans.  Imagination Grove  was one of our destinations this time around.  It is a hidden gem just outside of Bloomington, IL.  The year before we moved, I discovered it when I took a group of boys I was helping home school on a maple syrup trip.  I have been dreaming of taking the girls here since that day.  It is a natural play area that encourages you to get dirty!  Perfect for my peanuts!
 A creek.  Need I say more?  She hiked up and down the creek for a good hour with her Daddy before exploring anything else.  This place had the makings of Jillian's paradise.  Monkey bars, a creek, sand, mud, trees to climb, a zip line..WOW was she happy!
 The digging pit had this sign next to it.  We dug a good long while, but never ended up in China.
 For the love of a good, clean creek, Molly played!
 Our Anna Mei was busy fetching water.
 She used it to "cook" all morning in this outdoor kitchen area.  Water plus dirt/sand with many pots, spoons, and muffin tins equals a morning of bliss for my little imaginative girl.
 Trees.  Oh the trees!
 You couldn't help but just be beaming as you watched Jilly, because she was so happy.
 She looks so grown up in these pictures.
 Anytime our girl is able to play this freely without worry, and be so very happy, we are thrilled!
 Molly was covered in mud at the end of the afternoon.
And so was this sweet one.  
What a wonderful afternoon with great memories!  Another bit of time to just be absolutely grateful to God for as we marvel at our chance to parent these great little ones.

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