Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Can't You See Her There?

Can't you just see her there? Snuggled up in her bed-her very own bed-with momma, daddy, and her big sissy on Saturday morning before our doughnuts.

Can't you just see her there? Sitting at her big sissy's old tea party table with those big stuffed animals "pouring" tea into their glasses.

Can't you see just see her there? Making her daddy dinner with her plastic dishes and serving it up to him. Making her big sissy "eat" next to her baby dolls.

Can't you just see her there? Digging in her toy box looking for that particular little people toy with those fat, chubby toddler hands.
Can't you just see her there? Looking through those mountains of books on her shelf so her momma can read her just the right one before bed.

Can't you just see her there? Rocking with her momma each night before bed and listening to her momma try to sing the same songs (be it ever so off key) she used to sing to big sis.

Can't you just see her here with us? Orphan no more. Belonging to a family. Our family. Her family. Having a momma, daddy, big sis, and so many others who love her so much. I can see it. I dream of her here. I just said to daddy today..In six weeks, we could have our daughter home. After all the waiting-IT. WILL. REALLY. BE!!! My heart is exploding tonight. What a blessed day. So blessed that it deserves a post of its own. Maybe tomorrow. Until then, this momma is pondering the wonders and blessings of the Lord in her heart. Oh He is so good and I love Him so! Pinch me-I don't deserve this journey. Blessed beyond words!!


  1. Love,love, love.
    Jillian is a lucky little girl!

  2. Jillian will absolutely love her room! It is so adorable!

    Praying your sale on Saturday is a HUGE success!!!

  3. Beautiful! Just beautiful! She is so loved!

  4. Her room is just BEAUTIFUL! Love all the PINK! What a blessing for her to have so many who love her waiting on her to come home! :)