Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Friday, July 22, 2011


Bursting. My heart is bursting today. Today is one of those days that I feel like..I got this thing. I got this adoptive momma thing down. It's good and sweet and beautiful. (Not all days are like this so when they are..I soak in them.)

We went to the local store this morning and bought Jill new sandals because-well her old ones are too small. Darling Kiddo and I took Jill shopping. She was with us. She was walking in the store. She tried on her new shoes and we even waited in line and bought them. She was a totally normal two year old the whole time. We did it! She did it! She went to the store and got new shoes!!

Then we left for therapy at Easter Seals. She sat in the backseat in her car seat holding her new vibrating toy (which has been a huge blessing) happily as it gave her lots of sensory input. When we walked into the building, she didn't even cry!! (Yes, this is a huge miracle!!) She walked me over to the play area, peered in the mirror, and then walked me to the waiting area to sit down so I could bounce her. She was calm, and so sweet, bouncing happily in my lap. For a few brief minutes, her eyes even looked deeply into mine. The kind of look that you live for when you are an adoptive that means deep bonding is happening. Then she leaned in and gave me one of those full mouth, slobbery toddler kisses that just makes your heart burst with joy. She gave me three of them-in a row. Oh the bliss...

Then she had a super therapy session in which the speech therapist assured me she is progressing through all of the stages that she needs to. She is making those babbling sounds and being the infant that she never had the chance to be. JOY!

She even sat in her highchair this week and ate a meal. Once the new vibrating toy entered the scene after our developmental therapist introduced it, I was confident it would give her the edge she needed to be able to sit in that chair so I gave it a try again. And well, it worked (for the first day anyway). Since Tuesday, she continues to tolerate being in her highchair for a little while each day and I just have to say that this is a down right miracle from God.

Eating baby food is a miracle-in a highchair..well..that's beyond words.

Look at this happy momma.

Check out this toy.

As I was bouncing her today, I just continue to think about how very far this little peanut has come. What a precious and amazing little life she is and how lucky I am to be her momma. Because of having her in my life, I find abundant joy in the smallest things. Things like having her tolerate sitting in her highchair just make me so happy.. what a precious treasure she has given me.

Watching all the children waiting for therapy today, I was almost in tears thinking of all the orphans with disabilities sitting in institutions all over the world who don't have access to therapy, medical care, or a momma's love and encouragement. So many that will never reach their potential or know the joy of being in a family. I teared up at the thought and it was such a good day with Jill that I found myself praying for God to send me again (crazy?). Send me again Lord to least of these little ones to bring them home to our family. Waiting..Hoping..Lord Willing..We will do more one day.

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