Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Feeding Praises

We had our first feeding therapy session today. Oh My this little one has made such huge gains. She is eating more like a 6 month old these days and enjoying it. The therapist was so pleased and really Jill just continues to amaze all of us. She has made huge leaps in the last two months since her initial screening. She enjoys eating her baby food and is eating every meal in the highchair..that's right in the highchair!!! She even took some water from a special "cup" they have in therapy. This is the first time she has ever taken water and certainly the first time she has ever used anything other than a bottle. She was resistant at first, but then she opened up and momma squirted that water right in. Two drinks-she took two drinks! I ordered that cup as soon as I got home from a cool therapy tools site and even paid a little more to get it here in two days. She is doing so well!

We have to go to Easter Seals for this therapy and again she was totally ok with being in there. Although she was a little disappointed when she saw the pool because she was probably hoping to have therapy in there. (She is a water bug!) This was our first time seeing our feeding therapist in over a month, but Jill warmed right up to her. She even sat in the rifton chair to eat during therapy for a while before retreating to momma's lap. WOW this girl continues to amaze me.

I have to admit I cried the whole way home. I am so happy about how well she is doing and so thrilled that I get to be this little one's momma that there are times that I am over come. I just couldn't help myself. The words of the official in that adoption office in Ch*na just kept ringing in my ears..She is delayed, worthless, behind her peers, dumb..Do you still want her? Jill just needed a family. She just needed a momma who would come for her.

Oh how my heart grieves that I have said no to adoption for so long. This little one has taught me so much and given me so much joy that it is difficult to describe. She just needed a family to come for her. Really there is nothing extraordinary about us. I am nothing special and I have no specialized skills to qualify me to mother this precious treasure, but all of the excuses that I made for so long to back up my "I can't adopt God" just seem so trivial now. Forgive me Lord for my resistance to do this. Forgive me for the many orphans that I have left sitting in an orphanage all these years while I reasoned with you about how I couldn't do this.

Thank you Lord for this gift. Thank you for this girl. Thank you for the smiles, giggles, and messy chocolate syrup mouth. Thank you that you allowed us to come for her and that she is home with her family. Thank you that she is no longer neglected and that she is thriving because we can nurture her.

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