Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Monday, September 26, 2011

I Almost Said No

It was late the other night and I was getting the girls to bed when I discovered my Jilly had filled her pants. Perfect timing..I cleaned her up and changed her, but there was the issue of the dirty diaper upstairs. So, I bagged the dirty diaper and asked Darling Kiddo to please walk it downstairs and put it out the backdoor so it wouldn't contaminate the upstairs with its odor. She hates poo diapers. Really hates them. She usually leaves the room when I change Jill's diapers and she usually makes a big scene too. So because of her feeling toward the poo diapers, she refused to take the bag downstairs. Part of me wanted to just tell her to get over it and take the poo to the backdoor. I was tired, still had a toddler to wrestle to bed, and her to tuck in too. Regardless, she offered to stay upstairs with sissy so I could get rid of the poo myself. I agreed hesitantly and went off with the bag in hand. I came back upstairs after throwing out that diaper to find Jillian and big sis snuggled up in their pjs on the bed. Big sis was not only watching sissy for me, she was lovin on her next to her all snuggled up in her bed. It was a precious sight for a momma to two girls snuggled up together like that. I wish I could have captured it on film, but my camera was not near and so I am going to have to rely on my heart to record this moment. So glad that I didn't say no to big sis's offer. So glad that I took her up on her deal and handled the poo myself because seeing them together like that warms my heart.

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