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Monday, September 26, 2011

Serving the Forgotten in Foster Care

(I posted an introduction to my newest project serving the foster care community in a post here. If you missed it..please read the first post and then return to this one. There are also pictures and videos of other Project Sunshines just like this one we will be doing in Pekin at this site if you would like to see a project in action.)

I am so excited to announce that the date I have set for this Project Sunshine to redo the visit rooms at the DCFS agency in Pekin is

Saturday, November 19.

Now that the date is set ...


(these foster kids need you!)

1. We need money to redo these rooms. I'm going to be honest and say that so far I am coming up short in this area, but am trusting the Lord to provide if it is in His will. Without funds donated, there is no way that this project can get completed. Each project, though sponsored through The Forgotten Initiative (TFI), has to fund itself. My heart so wants to be able to provide these children in the foster community with a clean, inviting, safe place to stay while they wait for placement in new foster homes, visit siblings, and see their bio parents during supervised visits. I want these kids to feel loved, special, important, and cared for. Please pray about contributing. My heart is broken when I see the conditions of their current rooms. They are so in need of revitalization.

If you feel led by the Lord to help financially, you can contribute online by going to The Forgotten Initiative website, clicking on donate in the main body of the page, entering an amount, and writing Pekin Project Sunshine Room in the comment section. If you donate online, please shoot me an email at slmaster16 at hotmail dot com to let me know the amount of your donation. You can also write a check made out to Lifesong and mail it in the old fashion way. All contributions are tax deductible.

2. We also need new toys and supplies donated. If you are interested in donating art supplies, books, toys, furniture..we need that too. Children of all ages use these rooms and we want to have something for everyone. If you have contacts in the furniture industry and can hook us up with some donations or carpet that would be amazing too. You can contact me at slmaster16 at hotmail dot com if you are interested in making that kind of donation.

3. We need volunteers the week of November 19. We won't be able to pull everything off on Saturday so I will be working there preparing, getting things ready, cleaning, and various other things throughout the entire week. If you have a free day or two, please email me and let me know. We also need lunch on Saturday, November 19 to feed our volunteers.

4. We need prayer. More importantly, the foster kiddos and those who love and serve them need prayer. This room is for them. They need us. They have been forgotten in my heart for far too long. One of my friends who is a foster momma just adopted her boys in the last few weeks. She told me that when she went to visit them in her agency office before accepting them- the social worker told her that she was there only hope. No one else wanted them. I cry as I type that seeing them now in this christian family-happy, healthy, and growing. The body of Christ is the only hope for most of these hurting kids. They need our hope. We have it to share. Will you join with me in this project and serve these kiddos as a way to show the hope of Christ to them?

So excited to be on this ride with Him. God is up to something BIG here as He is bringing many into my path that have been involved with fostering. I know that all who are a part of this will be blessed to see how God works. Will you join me?

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