Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Praise Jesus Name

I have to begin by saying that tv does nothing for Jillian. She pays no attention to it. It doesn't matter if Sesame Street is on or Sports Center-she doesn't care. It is as if that big black box is a void of space in her mind. While this is not such a bad makes this story even more miraculous....

Since our princess is not a fan of the sanctuary building, I generally don't ever get to attend the worship service. BUT since DH is part of the television ministry, he generally gives me the DVD of the service and I participate in it by watching it in my spare time from the comfort of our living room.

Well, the same was true of the SYATP youth rally that was held at our church in the sanctuary on Wednesday, Sept. 28. We had a praise band, Belair, booked to lead praise. We had over 200 kids attend and a great speaker, Brandon Grant, present the gospel. Sadly, little Jill was way too frightened that night to even enter the doors of the church because the crowd was outside. So, I missed it...but it came to me via DVD. I popped it in on Friday night while Daddy and Sissy were out at a church function and the praise music and visuals of the band on our television filled our living room with praises to our King.

Just look at our sweet girl's response...

It caught her attention. She is totally watching the band. Imagine with me the lyrics..The Praise Goes Out to You..The Praise Goes Out to You..playing as she stares. At this point, momma is singing along with the band and we are having us a real praise session in our living room.

Then her little hands go up! So adorable as I was singing and raising my own hands to the Lord that her little arms went up in the air. Look at that look in her eyes. She is having her a time with Jesus for sure.

Soon being seated wasn't enough for her. So she stood and walked as close to the tv as she could. Eyes fixed on the screen and ears hearing the lyrics.."Today, today I live for one thing to give you praise..the praise goes out to you. Yah the praise goes out to you. Jesus!"
Then before I knew it there she was-in front of the tv with both of her hands up in the air and her eyes closed. She must have stayed that way for a good minute. It took my breath away. She can't yet speak, but she was feeling the love of her Heavenly Father tonight. This is one of those beautiful moments that this momma will treasure in her heart always. Forever. Another tender and close moment with my Savior brought on because I have brought this treasure in my life. Praise Him for her! Praise Him that she is mine.

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