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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Project Sunshine-Change of Date

The caseworker has had a change of plans and because she has to be there while we work..

Saturday, November 19

is our Pekin Project Sunshine Date

(So sorry about the change. She just emailed me yesterday.)

There is still lots to do and plenty of ways to help. If you can be there on the 19th, let me know and you can help with the painting and putting together of the rooms. If you can donate funds or new toys to our project or if you are willing to bring lunch to our volunteers on the 19th...Please let me know by emailing me slmaster16 at hotmail dot com or leaving a comment.

Praise the Lord..

  • we have $105 of the $2,000 we need donated!

  • we have a Ladies bible study group in Minier committed to helping!

  • we have a business who is donating all the paint!

  • we have a group of 10 of us to work that day!

Remember if you want more info, are interested in donating online, or are led to help the foster care community in other ways visit The Forgotten Initiative. If you want to get involved with this Pekin project sunshine email me at slmaster16 at hotmail dot com. You can also see this post for more information. I have been so blessed to have begun work on this..Remember prayer is key so if you can commit to praying for us..THANK YOU!!!

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