Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Thursday, December 30, 2010

On Their Way to Her

Tomorrow the family, who were strangers to us only a short month ago, will be on their way to our daughter. They will be boarding a plane on a journey to their son in Weinan City, China. A journey that has crossed ours and led us to introduce ourselves to them begging them to try to get just a glimpse of our princess when they are there. Begging them because Jill and Joshua (their son's name) are in the same orphanage. (Begging wasn't really needed as this momma from Colorado is gracious and understands the heart of this adoptive momma (me) to "see" her daughter. She even sacrificed space in her suitcase for a package for my girl. What a huge blessing she has been.) They were told by their guide that he has arranged for them to meet Jill and they have permission to get pictures of her for us. I am praying that this sweet family has a safe trip and their son is in their arms safe soon! I am also praying that they get a glimpse of our Jill. Thinking that this momma is going to get to meet my girl is so overwhelming and yet I simply can't wait to be there myself. So blessed that God has brought these loving, believing strangers into our lives and that they are more than willing to bring our love to Jill. As soon as those pictures are in my inbox, they will be posted. Stay Tuned....

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  1. Your posts gave me goose bumps Leslie!!! I am so excited for you, Sean and Emily!!! I know you long to hold, snuggle and kiss her. Before you know it you will be telling her Bible stories, stories of waiting for her and teaching her all about God and what He has for her . . . the gift of Salvation. Of course, then there will be those teaching time of No No and Mommy said . . . .

    Thinking of and praying for you!