Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Friday, January 28, 2011

Running to My Arms

It was Wednesday night and I was running late as usual. I knew I needed to get to my ministry post as my students would be arriving any minute.

Then it happened...the sweet, chubby face of that beautiful girl who is my friend's foster daughter appears at the other end of the hallway. She spots me and, running the length of the hallway, jumps into my arms. I say over her again and again...I love you..I love you..I love you. Oh those beautiful girls, at 5 and 8, have no idea the impact that they have had on my heart. They have no idea how God has used them in my life and how I can't help but simply see the face of Jesus in their eyes. Each and every time that I see them I am reminded of God's call to care for the least of these. I praise the LORD for these girls every time I encounter them. What a precious blessing they have been. I think how God has used the less than perfect beginning of their lives for good already because it brought them into my friend's home and that has allowed me to know them. It is just magical to me as I watch these girls become the daughters of my friends. Ten months ago they were complete strangers, but now they are their family. Oh how that overflows my heart with the love of the LORD.

As I stare into the eyes of my beautiful baby girl this week, who doesn't even yet know me, I am more thankful than ever that God brought these precious treasures in my life so that I too was prompted to open my heart to the orphan. :)

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  1. They are beautiful, precious girls. Full of life and joy. It is amazing the impact they have made on all of us! Love those sweet little girls so much! Can just feel the LORD's presence all over the whole thing!