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Monday, January 10, 2011

The Toy Box Saga

So, I have been saving and scrimping little by little to decorate Jill's room. I have gotten a beautiful antique bed for free (wasn't so beautiful before ten coats of paint), a free mattress, a free rocking chair..Slowly it is coming together and it is beautiful. Decorating is a pleasure for me and I want her room to be picture perfect.

I found a really great toy box at a local store about four months ago. It was the perfect style and color.. I began to "plan" my saving strategy and Christmas money from my folks came in quite handy to make my "plan" a reality. So last night I go online to order the toy box (free shipping offer) to be delivered right to my door only to find out of stock under the image of this perfect toy box..The toy box I had to have..The one I had envisioned in her room at the end of her little white bed. (I certainly realize that in the grand scheme of things, it's not the end of the world...But hey-I really wanted that toy box!) BUMMER!

I click on find it in the store and see that the local branch had one left on it's shelves. It was late, freezing cold, dark, I had company coming, and it was a school night, but don't you know that this CRAZY momma jumped in the car and drove the thirty minutes to the store to get the toy box-the last one! It is perfect at the end of her bed.

I find myself creeping in her room just to sit on her bed. I remember doing that when I was pregnant with darling kiddo too. Going in when the house was quiet and running my fingers across her little clothes..dreaming of the moment that I would finally see her face and she would be born. This paper pregnancy is no different. I have been sneaking in there all weekend..sneaking into what will be my Jill's room. Darling kiddo keeps asking me, "Whatcha doing?" To which I reply, "Dreaming of having her here!" Rooms almost done and waiting...So are we! Hope you like green Jill..Momma does.

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