Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Saturday, April 21, 2012

Closing a Chapter

Almost three years ago, I felt that God was beginning to write a new chapter for my life.  I love to go back and read my journal entries from that time.  We were new to our congregation, getting used to full time ministry (my husband had just taken a church job), and counting our blessings as parenting an almost ten year old was pretty darn easy...  I wrote lots of entries in my journal about how I felt that God was beginning to set up some great adventure for me.  I mentioned (aka complained) to Him daily about how I felt there was some greater purpose for my life that He needed to reveal.  I thought it might be writing or speaking because God was communicating clearer than ever with me through His word and I was loving it.  I was hearing His voice so clearly and writing my own bible studies, speaking messages straight from Him to the ministry classes that I taught, and it seemed like this would be it..this was my new purpose-writing and speaking!  My friend even bought me a website domain as I was sure this is where God was headed with me.  I was growing tired of the day to day grind of teaching and while I still found great pleasure in my students the rest of it was growing well...dull.  So I have countless entries about my heart's desire to do more for Him and to surrender my life fully to Him.  I went on mission trips in those years to Guatemala and was moved by God's presence to provide financially for me.  While He was speaking a lot to me then, I grew impatient at His insistence to keep me where I was.  I hate to wait and He didn't seem to be opening any doors!  Looking back now, I laugh at the thought that I had any clue what God was up to because He was about to close a chapter alright, but the new one that He would write has nothing to do with writing or speaking (at least not so far). 

So it is now that the newest chapter of my life begins as I officially resigned my teaching job permanently recently and am officially a stay at home, homeschooling momma teaching a beautiful, yet completely unexpected, Chinese toddler.  Who could have guessed?  Being a stay at home momma was ALWAYS a dream of mine, but one that I never thought God would ever grant.  I never believed in a hundred years that I could be staying home and I never imagined that I would home school.  (Please don't take offense, but I used to think home schoolers were jumper wearing weirdos who were a little too protective.)   So after thirteen years of teaching kiddos with autism and other unique, special characteristics, I packed up my room into over twenty boxes and hugged my colleagues saying good bye. (Now I am using all that experience to teach my beautiful daughter who just happens to have autism herself.  Don't you just love how God works? That whole time I spent in anguish waiting for Him to begin writing a new chapter, He was using every experience I had in the classroom to bring me to a place where I could be Jillian's momma. In awe!)  

My stuff isn't staying in boxes too long though.  I have taken over the spare room upstairs and decided to move our school time in there.   Our school room can be 100% devoted to our schooling supplies and set up just for that.  The office space we are currently using for school is a bit too cramped so were moving on up..stairs that is!  My baby girl continues to do really well working with momma.  We have had days that she didn't feel warm and fuzzy about working..BUT I love teaching and teaching again feels so good that I wasn't even discouraged.  I just keep plugging away, watch her learning, and plan even more for her to do!  It is the best of both worlds for sure.  SO stay tuned for pictures of the new classroom to come.

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  1. I can't wait to see the new classroom!!! So excited for you!!!!