Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Monday, December 15, 2014

Her First Dance Recital

 Anna Mei was able to participate in her first recital at the Christmas Show.  Her little dance class wore white leotards and "performed" an Olaf dance.  I use the word perform loosely as the little peanuts mostly just stood on the stage looking adorable and trying to find a teacher to follow as they don't memorize the dances too well yet. :)  I am so extremely grateful this morning for my amazing friend and her family who have given Anna Mei her dance classes.  She was beyond adorable though I am quite bias.  She waited with her little class backstage and then paraded out front on that huge platform like a pro.  She didn't dance too much and after the show she told me how scary that big stage was for her.
I stand in awe as I watch her thinking about her life and fate just eighteen short months ago.  How things have changed as this beauty is now cherished standing on an auditorium stage amidst lights, music, and costumes.  She has been given every opportunity, is cherished, and adored as a orphan no longer.  I have to admit that I mostly just bawled my eyes out as Anna was up there thinking about Molly Kate still lying in a crib amongst many who will never be given the chance to know the love and opportunity of a forever family.  As I hurry through this holiday season, I pray that I will stop and remember that there are so many children around the world who don't have a momma and daddy to call them son or daughter, to teach them about Jesus, to meet their basic needs, and to photograph and video each of these milestones.  It breaks my heart to the core.  Oh that somehow all could be home is a prayer I whisper daily.

Here she is dancing her heart out before one very proud momma who absolutely adores her!

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