Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Friday, January 23, 2015

I Heart Four

No matter how you stack it, I love four.  I love that language is blossoming.  I love that attachment is securing after two years of pursuing my treasure with all my heart.  I love, love all the pretend play.  I love this stage of beginning to "read", "write", and make sense of the world.  Today, my sweet girl and I had about thirty minutes in the dental waiting room together.  Her cleaning was finished up much, much quicker than her big sister's was and so we waited.  We moved to the hall with big, large windows so the sun would stream in on us.  We also happened to be the only two waiting here and so no one would see me allowing her to eat before the recommended thirty minutes after fluoride was applied.  (She still has food issues people so don't judge!)  During this thirty minutes, she talked, talked, and talked some more which is completely 100% normal for my angel.  Silence is not a virtue to her.  It is what was said though that is so, so precious because she is beginning to have her heart moved for the gospel.  As a believer, one of the most important things to me is that my children will accept Jesus' sacrifice and grow a personal, dynamic relationship with him some day.  I pray often for this to be true for my babies.  I try my hardest to let my own need for, reliance on, and love for my Jesus shine through my moments with them.  During these thirty minutes of waiting and talking, she asked me to draw her a post it note with Jesus on the cross.  Then, I laid out the gospel in four year old terms for her which I have done at least once a week as God has opened the door to her heart so often lately.  Today, her little heart was so stirred.  She had many, many questions and some seriously complex emotions.  Today much was said and it reminded me of the privilege it was to lead my oldest to the throne of grace when she was four years old herself.  What an immense blessing to have these babies entrusted to me.  Though each and every single day I feel so inadequate, my heart is soaring that I get the chance to share Jesus with just one more precious little girl from China.  I love watching God working in the heart of this sweet, amazing four year old who I am so lucky to call mine.  I am praying that soon her heart will be completely open and that she will claim Jesus for her own.  Oh what a JOY that will be.  Until then, I will capture each of these precious moments as the Lord leads and pray like crazy for Him to draw her to himself.

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