Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

God Is In This

I was just on another blog that belongs to a family who has been home a little less than three weeks. Anyway, I was checking out their adoption timeline in the side bar. (I always check that-must be an adoptive momma obsession.) I saw on their timeline that even though their article 5 was turned in almost two weeks before ours, they received their TA after we did. They traveled almost three weeks after us...

It just reminds me that God is in this. It shows me that God moved mountains to get us to our girl on Easter morning just like He revealed He would months ago as my friend was praying. It reminds me that He is faithful and fulfills His promises. I need that today. Jill got upset during church service again this morning and so we couldn't stay in the room off the sanctuary to hear the service. It has been six weeks since I have been in worship. Hard for a lady who even attends worship when we are on vacation. Hard but teaching me self discipline (a lesson I desperately need to learn) about seeking the Father myself without others leading me there. I am struggling at best to stay focused on my Heavenly Father each day which makes me think about the way my relationship with Jill is sometimes. Some days she is connected to me. She enjoys my presences and I even get a tinge that she likes being with me. Then other days, she is tolerating me being here at best. I was thinking about how my relationship with the Lord mirrors that. I was thinking that there are days that I basque in the presence of the Lord like it is the water I long for in the desert. Then other days, I merely tolerate His presence in my life and spend little time even acknowledging He is there. How that must hurt Him.. I am so grateful that God has given me this adoption journey as it continues to give me a clearer picture of Him each and every step of the way. GOD IS IN THIS and for that I am grateful. I can face every challenge, each day with the power of my Lord because He lives in me. Holding on to that promise today!!


  1. Such a beautiful and very true post Leslie! Thank you for the reminder of how we treat God . . .

    Praying for you and Jillian.

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    Kristen :)