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You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Friday, June 3, 2011

Therapy Plan

There I was, yesterday, sitting at a table with five very caring professionals who had all evaluated my daughter in the last week. (I am used to being the evaluator, being a special education teacher myself, not the parent of one being evaluated. Having the tables turned is strange and very emotional.) While I am so familiar with this kind of meeting because it is my job, being a mom on the other side is hard. Really hard. Don't get me wrong I am so thankful for my professional background and the knowledge and experiences that I have in the field of special needs because it just might help me help Jill reach her potential BUT sometimes knowing too much can be just as hard.

The results of yesterday's meeting were not really a surprise. I know in my head that she has a long road ahead of her and that there is a chance that the road she is walking in life will not look like a "normal" one, but to actually "see" her on paper and hear the words from others was difficult for this momma's heart. So, we now have a plan and more referrals to different professionals with more knowledge.

I am ready for this! Ready because I am not the kind of person who likes to sit around and wait. I want to take action. So we have..speech therapy, feeding therapy, occupational therapy, and developmental therapy all beginning soon. Most around the table thought that we might need to get a physical therapy eval too, but with so many other things going on, we decided to wait a while. We also got a referral for the cleft lip and palate clinic next week before they close for the summer and discussed wether she needed to be screened by the medical developmental team for a more medical diagnosis. So much for such a precious babe who has had so much change for her already. We are walking slowly through this in order to keep her comfortable with all the newness and are blessed to have two therapists who are willing to work with us at our house.

Praying every step of the way for wisdom and strength to be the best momma I can be for this precious treasure God has given me. I am desperately longing though to hear her voice. Selfishly, I want so to hear the word momma from her. I want her to know that we love her more than anything and there is a God who has a perfect plan for her life. A God who loved her so much that He created her perfectly just the way she is and sent His son to die for her. Thanks for your prayers. Don't stop as we have only just begun this journey.

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