Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Sis Update

So my kiddo is super competitive and loves sports. Because of this, her annual Warrior Olympics at school at the end of each year is her fave two day event!! She won the fastest kid in school again, the relay race, the basketball tournament, and got second in the long jump. She just loves sports and even more she loves to win-must have gotten that from her daddy. :) Momma's favorite thing about Warrior Olympics is that it means the year is almost over and I love havin' my girl home for the summer. So..momma is rejoicing along with darling kiddo!!
(Does anyone know how to turn this? So frustrating..) Little sissy loves being held by her big sis. She is constantly asking Em to pick her up. Got to love their matching hot pink shirt and jeans ensembles. Did I mention how much I love having my girls home? I love summer!!

Jill loves having some big sis time in the bean bag chair playing some Wipe Out on the DS. She is just about ready for one of her own. Don't you think? Beyond precious to see these two together. Shopping with Em the other day in the junior's section and lamenting over how grown she has become..To which she replies, Jill still shops in the baby section. So true dear friends..So true. A teenager and a baby..Who would have thought? Certainly not my plan, but truly the Lord's and I am loving ever single minute. Love these girls.


  1. I am certainly with you . . . we share so much as Moms. An 18 year old and four little boys . . . who would have planned that??? lol ONLY God!

    Turn your picture on your computer or phone BEFORE you upload it. That way your picture will be the right way when you post.

    Congrats to Emily on her wins!

  2. Love it!! Beyond precious!! Enjoy your time with your girls this summer.