Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Wednesday, May 11, 2011


My oldest daughter came barreling down the stairs this morning and tripped over the gate at the bottom. She doesn't walk anywhere-always running or bouncing in her size 10 shoes. One of the shoes got caught on the gate as she tried to "gracefully" jump over it. She popped right back up and said I'm fine-like she always does. The whole scene just made me smile.

Grinning ear to ear driving her to school today thinking about how grown she is. Looking at those size ten shoes next to Jill's infant size 4 makes me remember just how quickly these last eleven years have gone with her. How I wish I could just freeze this precious time with my girls.

Em has been so beyond beautiful during the last three weeks. She has learned so much about serving others and putting yourself last. I am so happy that she got to experience this with us. I was so thrilled last night to hear her say the words..sissy did it. Sissy. I think about the meaning behind that and all that this adoption has given Em-a sister. Someone to walk alongside her in this life as she deals with her two crazy parents. Another soul to roll her eyes with when her momma is crying her eyes out because of some silly little thing like how much she has grown. Someone to call daddy weirdo with when he is dancing and being a goof. Someone to love and help along in this life. Someone to call when she is hurting. Someone to be her bridesmaid.

Oh I can hardly stand all the gains that we have in our life because of this precious girl being ours. I think all the time that we simply could have missed it. We could have told God no to adoption. We could have said we were too old, we didn't have the money, we couldn't do it, we weren't able, it would just be too hard, or a host of other excuses. We could have missed out on it all. I could have missed being this baby's momma. Oh the thought is just far too horrible to consider. So amazed at the depth of my love for these precious girls that God has given me to raise up and so looking forward to watching them grow as friends.

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