Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Home At Last

Home. At. Last. Let me just say-You all mean the world to me. You all have done so much to encourage us and have walked this road right along with us. We love you and are so blessed by all that you have done for us. Baby food waiting here today, our car decorated, nursery water and a hot pot, dinner delivered, the yard decorated...on and on...

The flight was hard. I told Sean it's a little like labor in that when it's over you don't remember how really hard it was and you even consider doing it again sometime. The flight attendants were crazy about Jill and we reaped the benefits-extra pillows, blankets, sodas, toys. We were treated like royalty. Em says we should fly with Jill more often. One thing is for sure..having a Chinese baby attracts lots of attention. I was praying today and asking God to allow me to use this attention for Him and to engage the hearts of people for the orphan.

SHE LET ME ROCK HER TO SLEEP!!! That precious little hurting heart is healing and she let her momma rock her to sleep! I held her little frame in my arms and rocked her. I was bawling buckets of tears over that little precious girl laying right there in my arms. That little girl who just thirteen days ago had never known a mother's touch. Oh God is so good! I simply can't explain the beauty of this journey except to say that every single hardship is so worth it to hear that baby laugh or to see her sleeping soundly in my arms. Praise Jesus that she is home and she is mine!!


  1. Seeing you in your house in a comfy tshirt is a blessing too! So glad you all made it back safely. You got your girl home!

  2. Beautiful!! Love seeing her rocked in her Momma's arms. Don't you wish they had rockers for us during China? Enjoy your precious bundle of joy!!

  3. Leslie, been following your blog! So glad you guys are home! I have some size 24 months and 2T dresses and Chinese clothes I'd like to give you if you could use them. They look brand new. Let me know if I could drop them by sometime when you are ready for company. I know that you all need your family time right now. You can email me sometime at