Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

My Amazing Girl

Sweet girl showed much of what she could do today with those beautiful, designed by God hands she has to call her own.  I am amazed at all she can do.  She can pick up cheerios with two index fingers and get them in her mouth.  She can stack the cups, transfer them from one hand to the other, beat them together, and cause them to crash down.  She could turn the pages of a book, point to what she wanted, and she even spent an hour inventing a game with an empty water bottle.  She could twist the cap on and off with those amazing hands of hers  all by herself while we played it.  She is an incredible little one. 
She is breathing so heavy today though.  I would be lying if I didn't say I was worried.  Her little heart seems to be constantly pounding too.  I am no doctor, but these next two weeks can't go fast enough so I can get her home to one.  Please send up some prayers for us if you think of her.  She is darling.  Absolutely darling and I am crazy about her.  We were even out and about in the public today and she was treated quite well.  There was lots of staring which I am sure is to become a bigger part of our lives than it already is as we already create quite a scene when we are out with our current treasures. (One of our friends said we should have a reality tv show called SHANGHIOWA. It made me laugh.)  Despite all the attention, Molly Kate is calm and so mild mannered.  I mean so mild mannered.  She has cried only once when she was taking a bath.  She was not a fan.  Her worst cry doesn't even begin to rival normal at my house.   She also wore her hair bow all day!  Here this people this is important stuff!  She also sat happily on my lap for the last three hours during the train ride tonight too.  She is now passed out cold in her crib.  There is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby with an adoring momma watching near by.  Thank you!  THANK YOU, friends for all you have done so that this baby would know my love.  You hosted magic shows, bake sales, prayed for her and us, donated to our accounts..Y'all this baby is sleeping within my arms reach tonight because of your faithful support!  I am overcome!  Thank you for your willingness to be Jesus hands and feet for us!  We are so very blessed by each of you because this little arrow is in our quiver!


  1. She is beautiful! Truly fearfully and wonderfully made! Praying for her health and for you too as you travel!

  2. Praying for her health and for all of you. Love her amazing little hands! I LOVE reading the of the highlights of my day :)

  3. Praying for her health and for all of you. Love her amazing little hands! I LOVE reading the of the highlights of my day :)