Deuteronomy 4:35

You have been shown these things that you might know the Lord is God besides him there is no other.

Saturday, May 30, 2015


As we  flew through the darkness to arrive in this new city where my precious daughter will be given American citizenship, my heart was processing the events of the last week.  While we are taking steps that lead us closer to home in America, she is being led away from all that she has been.   We left her province for the last time this trip.  We left behind her dialect, the tastes of her local food, her surroundings, and are now entering in to a new city that is completely strange and foreign to her.  I thought about how that must feel being here as she has been ripped from all that is familiar to her while those whom she has trusted promise that this is what is best for her.  How can a little one endure so much?  Each time as I watch my little ones transform from Chinese to American and orphan to daughter, I am overcome by how unjust it is that these babes have endured so very much loss in their lives.   Because of this great loss and out of their deep hurt, God brings me some of the greatest blessings of my Iife.  I  also let the tears come as I flew through the dark skies on my way here because I thought about sharing all this with her as she grows.  The truth of what  I know about her story is heartbreaking and yet she is a pure beauty created by God with a great purpose.  I was praying she would believe that as she grows.  I was praying for wisdom and strength as I parent her.  I was praying that her true identity would not be rooted in her past story, though that is a very important part of who she is and God will use that, but in all that God created her to be in Him.  How I love this sweet, precious babe.  How I feel beyond blessed that God would entrust her to me.  She is such a treasure. 

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